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We promote a fun, safe and fair environment to ensure players, parents, coaches, officials and administrators alike all enjoy football and stay involved.

We are an all-volunteer organisation - At Beerwah Glasshouse United Football Club (BeeGees) we aim to promote and encourage active participation in football at all levels.

Below committee members can be contact via email - communications.bgufc@gmail.com

  • Equipment officer

    : Mick Jones

  • Uniforms

    : Jo Hadland & Talitha Stirling

  • Advertising/Media

    : Jodie Morgan

  • Fundraising:

    Stuart & Lisa Mcleod

  • Committee 1

    : Blair Josey

  • Committee 2

    : Michael Topfer

  • Committee


    : Lisa Milgate

  • Club delegate

    : Micheal Topfer

  • Canteen

    : Carol Sorohan