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Ask Us Anything!

When do I need to pay my players registration?

When you sign up either through online registrations or come to our sign on days you do not need to pay until the week before the football season starts.

What if I want to coach my son or daughters team?

If you are wanting to assist by becoming a coach or manager please let the club know, we are always looking for new coach's. Don't stress if you haven't coached before - Footbal Queensland is now running Coach sessios to assist for as little as $90

Is the Club safe for my child?

All club officials are required to have a Blue card by Football Queensland.

How can I get my volunteer levy back?

If you complete a minimum of 5 hours (except coaching and managing, it is all season) of the following activities during the season you will receive the levy back at the end of the season:  

  • Coaching - (duration of season)

  • Managing - (duration of season)

  • Working Bees

  • Attending approved venues for raffles (Landsborough Pub, Beerwah Hotel)

  • Bunnings BBQ's

  • Carnivals (car parking or stewards)

  • Canteen

  • Approved fundraising events

  • Clinics

  • Line and field marking

  • Documented ground official duties by authorised members (first aid person, ground stewards)  

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