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An exciting new affiliation has been formed with our local

Sunshine Coast Goanna’s football team! After more than 12 months of planning & negotiations the Goannas are now to call Beerwah Glasshouse United Football Club their new home!

The partnership will assist in improving access to sports for our local Indigenous people and strengthen community bonds. A Men's division team will be formed and named "Goannas" and will wear the kit shown below. Ronnie Woulfe has been appointed to Committee Member representing the Goannas.

Here is a bit of insight into our Goannas - thanks Daryl & Wayne:

The Sunshine Coast Goannas were founded by Wayne Alberts approximately 18 months ago. The initial purpose was to field a men’s team in an Indigenous tournament in November 2019. With the help of his wife Linda and various sponsors, the purpose was fulfilled and a squad of 15 players represented the Sunshine Coast Goannas in the tournament. Following that, a club and committee was formed with the goal of fielding a women’s team and potentially a junior team to compete in future tournaments alongside the men’s team. The other goal was for the Goannas to connect with Indigenous communities through football. Wayne and Linda started a connection with the Cherbourg community, namely Barambah Football club. Cherbourg Radio promoted football training sessions for juniors in the area run by the Goannas. A friendly match was also planned with the local football teams. This resulted in both a men’s and women’s friendly being played on November 21st at Kingaroy Senior Soccer Club against the South Burnett men’s and women’s teams. The Goannas aim is to bring communities and people together, through football.

Our affiliation with Bee Gees is a big step towards achieving this vision. We hope we can build good relationships and create pathways for indigenous people through football and the Bee Gees. Goannas pathways are not just for football but to create pathways for healthy lifestyles, education and employment, build confidence and be role models for young Indigenous players and community through sport.

The Indigenous jersey represents creating pathways for Indigenous people from grassroots football up to senior level. The circles on the jersey represent our people at meeting places along the journey. We start as little Goannas in grassroots programs, and then move into junior football and finally into senior football, all through pathways and building relationships in the meeting places along the way. The combined logos on either side of the jersey represent the community coming together through football.

Get behind this great new development and show the Goannas a big warm welcome into our BeeGees Family!

#BeeGeesFC #GreenMachine #Goannas #Unitedthroughfootball #Supportyourclub #Communityunity

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